Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Please book your ticket and get your email confirming that you have joined the event
  2. Please type to your browser page and press Log In
  3. Please type your email you registered with and your password
  4. Once you logged in, on the right corner press My Account
  5. You should see in your account the event you registered
  6. At the event start time, the small window on right bottom corner appear showing that the event is live
  7. Press that floating window which will take you to Reception Area
  8. Welcome to the event! Say hello to other attendees in the chat.

Please watch this short video


VPN platform has five sections: Reception, Stage, Breakout Rooms, Networking and Expo. Each participant can go in and out of each section and join any part of the event when each section of the event is Live.

Please kindly watch this short video on how to use Networking section of VPN.


Once the Breakout room section will show LIVe sign, please press Sessions tab on your VPN Platform. You will see different Breakout Room Topics, choose one that interests you. 

There is a limit of 10 participants on each Breakout Room discussion. If you want to participate press Participate on the corner of your screen. 

Configure Microphone and Camera and you are on the session and everyone can hear and listen to you.

Technical Issues

The VPN platform best works in Google Chrome of Firefox. Please make sure you are using the latest version of these browsers. 

Some troubleshooting you can use: 

  1. Switch off your computer and restart.
  2. Clear browser cookies and cache
  3. Open your browser and join
  4. If issue persist, join the event on another browser. It can be either Chrome or Firefox. 

Make sure you are sitting close to your internet. If you have sound issues or image delays, please reboot your internet. Restart your computer and clear cookies and caches. 

If issue persists open in new browser. The ones we recommend to use are Chrome or Firefox.

Google Chrome and Firefox are the two browsers you can use to open the event. Please make sure you have the latest version and that your internet is strong. 

It is also best to use speakers to avoid sound echos and issues. 

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