John Corey

Property Expert

John Corey started his tech career in 1982 when he moved to Silicon Valley after completing his degree in Computer Science. John’s first job included being online as a paid contributor to a forum. About 18 months after starting work in the Valley, John discovered real estate investing. He read a book and then took a seminar. On the Monday after the weekend seminar, John exchanged on a house using the ‘nothing down’ strategies he had learned 24 hours previously.

After working for Steve Jobs as NeXT, John took up a role at Swiss Bank Corp, London. That was in 1994. Today, the bank is known as UBS.

Since then, John has continued as a buy and hold landlord, Hawaii, to Bradford. No Brit ever asks, ‘Why Hawaii?’. These days, John combines his background in financial regulations, technology, and real estate through crowdfunding. A convergence strategy which allows John to travel when the pandemic is not causing lockdowns.