Kate Strong

Personal Growth Powerhouse

In short, I enable leaders to lead.

Having a diverse background from elite sport to aerospace engineering, I know what it takes to step up and create positive and conscious change in organisations and our own lives.

Today's leaders have a lot to do to make this world better and, from my experience, it comes down to:
Communication - hearing what is actually said as well as delivering the truth in a heart-felt manner
Empathy - relating to people’s perspectives and their current position
Strength - being able to commit to what is actually needed, rather than what we want to do
Vision - committing to the bigger picture and releasing the short-term obstacles we have no control over
Integrity - being a shining example of doing what you said you’d do

Being a pioneer for positive change isn’t easy, but it is simple: Step up and own your voice through delivering actions in line with your purpose.

What sets me apart:
★ Podcast founder & host of STRONG VOICE (be sure to subscribe for weekly episodes)
★ Age-group World Champion in triathlon, 2014
★ 15+ years business owner & Coach (I see myself more as an Enabler because all you need is within you, I just shine the light on it for you to see)
★ Double Masters in Engineering
★ International Keynote & TEDx Speaker
★ Active member of UN SDG & other sustainable communities
★ Reiki Master
★ Investor & philanthropist
★ Plant-powered